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The Chatelaine

Claire Lorrimer's latest published edition

Published 5th May 2011

Only Willoughby Tetford, the American self-made millionaire, was shrewd enough to have any misgivings when his beautiful daughter, Willow, married the handsome English aristocrat.

Willow herself, seventeen, innocent and deeply in love with her new husband, Rowell Rochford, had complete trust and confidence in the future as she arrived at Rochford Manor in England. And when Rowell’s matriarchal French grandmother handed her the keys of the house and told she was the new Chatelaine, Willow believed she held the keys not only to the multitude of rooms of which she was now the mistress but also to love and happiness.

On her arrival, she is greeted warmly by her four brothers-in-law: Tony, quiet and studious; Pelham, teasing and flirtatious, the spoilt Francis and the sensitive Rupert. But she has no inkling of the obsession which grips old Lady Rochford because of events in the past to which she, Willow is ignorant.

Nor does she realise the terrible repercussions the obsession will have on her own life.


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March 2011

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Claire Lorrimer was born in Sussex, where she also spent her early school years. She has travelled extensively around the world but has made her home in a four hundred year-old, oak beamed cottage. She enjoys such outdoor activities as gardening, tennis, ski-ing and golf. Her other interests include reading, travel, meeting people and entertaining, but her life is centred mainly around her three children,eight grandchildren, her work and her lovely home and garden.

Claire Lorrimer comes from an artistic family. Her grandfather was a musician and both her uncle and her grandmother were writers; another uncle was an artist, as is her daughter. Her mother was the best selling novelist Denise Robins. Claire Lorrimer is a prolific writer and she believes that once started, a story writes itself.


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Here are some reviews of Claire Lorrimer's Autobiography

"A compelling portrait of a woman who knows how to love and live... 86 eventful years warmly and charmingly related.. A natural storyteller naturally tells her own story effortlessly, hypnotically and joyfully. Another winner in a long string of successes."
Sarah Broadhurst, 'Bookseller' Magazine

"I found this nostalgic autobiography riveting, reminiscent of Gosford Park. Excellent stuff - I loved it."

Diane Pearson, President, Romantic Novelists' Association

Here are some reviews of Claire Lorrimer's Novels

"For sheer readability this saga of love and conflict is one for the Library list"
Eric Hiscock, Bookseller

“Terrific storytelling.” Jilly Cooper

"Completely unable to put it down"
Bournemouth Evening Echo

"A richly entertaining Novel"
Manchester Evening News

"Claire Lorrimer has a marvelous story-telling quality"
Southern Evening Echo

"A first class tale of men's and women's emotions; basic, cruel and true to life."
Book Choice

"This book is not just a good read; it is a slice of life."
George Thaw, Daily Mirror

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